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Move to the Atlassian Cloud

Know Business is here to help create your Jira and Confluence Cloud instance, migrate from Server instances and optimise to help your team deliver. Full managed services, including training your team is available by our Atlassian Accredited Experts.

Download papers to learn about Atlassian Cloud.

Highly Reliable and Performant  

Scale Quicker

No need to create new jira servers, allocated resources, just add users and Atlassian will manage the hardware.

Secure and Automatic Updates

Atlassians will manage your instance, managing security and other patches. 

Uptime Guarantees

Atlassian provides Standard, Premium and Enterprise options for support.  

Focus on Delivery

Your team can focus on delivery, reducing effort to manage your IT environment.

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Receive the whitepaper on The Top 5 Reasons to move to the cloud.


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